This agreement between Bill Najmark and buyer______________________, describes and outlines the promises of "The Pizzaman" (Bill Najmark) as follows:

  1. The Pizzaman promises to train the above owner/operator in all aspects of making pizza including making dough, sauces, preparation of food, storage, equipment needed, marketing techniques, and cooking of Italian food for the purposes of opening your own pizza restaurant.

  2. This agreement allows the owner/operator to utilize all training for the sole purpose of using such training for personal use and is not permitted to sell, offer, share any information imparted to the above for any purpose other than for the operation of their own pizza restaurants.

  3. Included below are the specific promises of the pizza man providing for the following:
            a).     Recipes for making pizza dough
            b).     Recipe for making pizza sauce
            c).     Recipes for the following sauces:
                    i.     Meat Sauce
                    ii.    Marinara Sauce (completely vegetarian)
                    iii.   Alfredo Sauce
            d).     Italian Entrees:
                    i.     Lasagna
                    ii.    Chicken Parmesan
                    iii.   Veal Parmesan
                    iv.   Eggplant Parmesan
                    v.    Shrimp Parmesan
                    vi.   Spaghetti and Meatballs
                    vii.  Chicken Cacciatore
                    viii. Chicken Marsala
                    ix.   Chicken Dore'
                    x.    Salad Dressings:(Italian, Caesar, Creamy Italian, Bell Pepper Creamy Italian)

  4. The Pizzaman shall train in all aspects of using knives, butchering of meat, cutting and chopping of vegetables, purchasing of supplies and inventory. Further, The Pizzaman shall assist in the purchasing of all equipment relating to the operation of a pizza restaurant, including: ovens, mixers, refrigeration units, counters, etc.

  5. The signing of this agreement between The Pizzaman and the owner/operator of the pizza restaurant constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, any breach of this agreement by the owner/operator and The Pizzaman agree to settle any disputes through and by an independent arbitration service and that no litigation shall be attempted by either party prior to any arbitration proceedings.This agreement shall become valid and enforceableupon signing of the parties. 
  6. A non-refundable deposit of $9,500.00 is to be paid to The Pizzaman upon signing of this contract. Please be advised that if you are seriously considering using the service of The Pizzaman, we need to meet and discuss your specific ideas. You also will want to taste a variety of my food which I will prepare for you. The Pizzaman is willing to spend 3 days with you so we can get to know each other. Your investment is the plane ticket, and food costs and a $1000 consulting fee that I will credit you against the total fee in the event you decide to open a pizza place. If you are satisfied that I am the right person to help you to get into the pizza business then a non refundable deposit, will allow me to help you get started and for you to call me toll free with any questions you may have. The deposit will also insure I will be there when your ready to open. For further information, you may call me toll free, (800) 475-4234.

  7. The Pizzaman will provide all information listed above to the operator via e-mail, telephone and mail to assist the operator in preparation for the opening of the location.

  8. The Pizzaman will come to the operator's location and work with operator for 1 MONTH train and work for the operator to insure his success and confidence to operate the business successfully. The fee for this alternate service is $29,500.

  9. The operator agrees to pay The Pizzaman $10,000 upon his arrival. The balance of $10,000, is to be paid in weekly installmentsof $2,500.

    Date: _____________________         Signature: ________________________________

    Date: _____________________         Owner/Operator: __________________________

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